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Rose Infused Coconut Twist: Natural Scented Candle (8 oz.)

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*Annual Option:

To Automatically Have An 8 oz. Jar of My Amazing Candle Fragrances Shipped To You Once A Month For The Entire Year Of 2019, Simply Select The ‘Annual Candles’ Option From The Drop Down Menu. You Can Either Select To Have The Same Fragrance Shipped To You Monthly, Or I’ll Send You A Random Fragrance From My Collection.


1. One Jar Candle (Single Purchase)

2. Annual Warm Lavender Nights

(One Jar Of This Fragrance Will Be Shipped To You Every Month in 2019)

3. Annual Rose Infused Coconut Twist

(One Jar Of This Fragrance Will Be Shipped To You Every Month in 2019)

4. Annual Half & Half

(One Jar Of One Fragrance Will Be Shipped For The First 6 Months, The Other Fragrance Will Be Shipped For The Last 6 Months)

5. Annual Random Pick

(I’ll Select A Random Fragrance Candle To Ship Each Month In 2019)


(After The Candle Has Completely Melted, Instead of Throwing The Jar Away, Recycle It By Mailing It Back To Me To Have It Refilled And Receive A 10% Discount Code)


Enriched with conscientiously squeezed coconuts and other natural fragrances,

(Rose Infused Coconut Twist) is attentively formulated to present an amazing, calming aroma that will both, relax you, and simultaneously tantalize your nostrils.

Precisely prepared by (JJewelerDesign for his Vertise Organics Candle Collection) in the United States of America, this amazing, home-warming fragrance candle is filled to the brim of it’s sturdy, 8 oz. sized jar (lid included) to enable you to enjoy it’s redolence for several hours after it’s been lit.

Drizzled with freshly crushed roses from the garden to enhance it’s unbelievably remarkable aura,

(Rose Infused Coconut Twist: Scented Candle) will ultimately become one of your top favorite new fragrances.

As a Bonus, (Rose Infused Coconut Twist) contains 2 wick stems for you to light your candle, enabling the candle wax to burn more evenly and efficiently.

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Destroy Acne The Organic Way

#Acne Annihilated: Skin Care Cream is a naturally formulated potent product that will destroy Acne in it’s tracks, leaving your skin feeling extremely soft and looking visibly healthier. 

“Citrus Coconut” will be our first selection of “Acne Annihilated” products.

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2-in-1 Massage Oil Candle 

*Made With Soy Wax and 100% Essential Oil Fragrances

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Our 2-In-1 Massage Oil Candles enables you to simply enjoy the wonderful, natural fragrance aroma that each scented Soy Candle possess, or you can use them as a Massaging Oil that warms on contact and deeply penetrates the skin for an amazing massage.

When used as a “Candle Only”, you’ll experience the health benefits that each candle presents each time that you and your family inhale the pleasant aroma. These incredible benefits ranges from; potentially increasing your energy, strengthening your memory, to calming and relaxing you while stimulating the nervous system. 

When used as a “Warming Massage Oil”, our massaging oil candles can ease rheumatism and muscle pain, and is excellent for increasing poor circulation and so much more! 

In either case, you’ll enjoy tons of health benefits while simultaneously enjoying 100% natural Fragrances. 

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