Jazmynn Fields: New Perfume Fragrance

For a limited time only, I’ll be sending out Free Sample Tester bottles of my new perfume Fragrance, “Jazmynn Fields”.

I could go on and on explaining how wonderful this new fragrance smell, but you can get a better understanding by claiming your Free 1ml Tester Bottle to find out for yourselves! 

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The Gifts In Soap: Shea Butter & Mint Fragrance Natural Soap Bar

‘The Gifts In Soap’ (Shea Butter & Mint Fragrance) Natural Soap Bar, is a new Vertise Organics product that happens to be one of the only soap bars on the marketplace today that contains a natural ingredient that promotes liver health and blood purification. 

Question: How is it possible for a soap bar to benefit the blood stream and the liver in human beings?

Answer: Whenever any form of soap (or any other product) is used on our skin, the ingredients that soap and other products contains enters our pores during application to the skin. These ingredients (being Toxic or Healthy) plays a significant role when it comes to the functioning of our internal organs.

Here at Vertise Organics, it is our number one goal to only deliver to you all the best, quality, natural products that you and your family can benefit from, health wise. Our soap bars doesn’t contain any synthetic or toxic ingredients. We only use 100% Natural, Skin-Friendly colorants for a beautiful appearance, and pure essential oils for a wonderful fragrance.

On top of the numerous amount of health benefits that our soap bars offer, we went a step further by adding yet another key element to our soap bars. Each of our soap bars has a Bonus Gift that’s hidden inside of them that will be revealed to you the very moment that your soap bar wears down from usage! 


Promotes Liver Health

Promotes Blood Purification

Natural Skin Moisturizer 

Reduces Inflammation

Fights Against Dry Skin

Natural Skin-Friendly Colorants

100% Pure Essential Oil Fragrance

Bonus Gift Hidden Inside

With all of these amazing benefits that our soap bars provide it should be clear to see why we’ve named this exclusive product ‘The Gifts In Soap”. 

It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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Royal Camouflage Choker

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From my ‘Vertise Jewelry Collection’ I present to you this stylish, handmade, Royal Camouflage Choker that will make a great Gift item For Her. This stunning piece features a camouflage appearance that’s complimented by it’s silver, crowning jewel pendant, silver end clasps and an extender chain that will enable you to adjust the fit.

Measurement wise, this Royal Camouflage Choker is approximately (10 in. length without using the extender chain) and (12 in. length when the extender chain is used). Also, if you prefer not to use the crown pendant that’s attached to this choker, the pendant is easily removable.

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Vertise Organics Has Launched On Etsy

In celebration of launching my ‘Vertise Organics’ line of Organic Skin Care Products and Natural Home Fragrances on Etsy, I’m extending this 10% Off Discount Code For You To Use During Checkout on Etsy.

Discount Code = GRANDOPENING10

(Discount Code Expires April 30, 2017)

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Vertise Organics Combo Deal

Destroy Acne in it’s tracks the healthy, Organic Way, resulting in noticeably clearer skin, while allowing your feet to walk into the Realm of Royalty by becoming extremely softer and undeniably sexier and healthier. 

Get: “Acne Annihilated: 100% Natural Skin Care Cream (Citrus Coconut)” and “Royal Feet: Organic Whipped Body Cream (Lavender Tea Fragrance)”, as a Combo Deal for Only $14.99!

Two 6 oz. jars, 100% Organic Products

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Royal Feet: Natural Whipped Body Cream

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Having rough, dry or even aching feet is never a good thing for anyone. These issues can cause you to be undeniably uncomfortable throughout the day, and it can also cause you to constantly keep your feet hidden from others due to embarrassment. If you’re one of millions who are experiencing either of the mentioned examples above, then now is the time to allow your feet to step into the direction of royalty by becoming extremely softer and noticeably healthier.

From our ‘Vertise Organics” line of Natural Products, we’ve just released,                   “Royal Feet: 100% Natural Whipped Body Cream” (Lavender Tea Fragrance). This creamy-textured, delicious aroma product of ours can be applied to any body part of your choosing, but it’s specifically formulated to target foot fungus, rough, dry feet, calluses, aching feet, and the list goes on and on.

Give “Royal Feet: 100% Natural Whipped Body Cream” a try today. Your feet deserve nothing but the best.

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