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Motivation: Triple Pendant Charm Bracelet with Extender Chain

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This stunning new jewelry item that was recently released from JJewelerDesign, would be the perfect gift item for any woman. 

“Motivation: 3 Pendant Charm Bracelet”, is a beautifully designed silver bracelet that features 3 motivational pendants(Believe In Yourself, So Very Blessed, Remember The Moments), a silver Extender Chain that enables you to adjust the fit to any wrist size, multi-colored shimmering charms, and a silver lobster clasp For Closure.

Purchase this beautiful charm bracelet now as a birthday gift item, for a special occasion, as a holiday gift, or simply as a surprise gift for her! 

“Motivation: 3 Pendant Charm Bracelet” Measures at approximately 1/2 inch in width and 11 inches in length with the Extender Chain attached.

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I Love You To The Moon And Back: Genuine Leather Cuff Bracelet

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Although Scott is in his late 20’s now, he often times reflects back on certain memories from the past of special moments or certain sayings that he remembered experiencing with his late mom. Scott’s mom passed away when Scott was 19 years old and the bond that they shared as mother and son was an irreplaceable type of bond. 

Scott is the oldest of his 2 siblings (Paul-21 and Stacy-18). Although all 3 of their personalities couldn’t be any more different, all 3 siblings share one common factor that unites them together throughout the year; the burning desire and pleeful wish that their mother (Katherine) was still alive to be with them today. 

Scott and his siblings are fully aware that even though their mom has passed away, her spirit is very much alive. Ironically enough, during their most troublesome times in life when they feel as though the only genuine love that they have in this world is the love that their share for one another, they can still hear the sweet sound of their mother’s voice whispering to them one of her favorite sayings that she would very often say to each of them,

(‘I Love You To The Moon And Back’). 

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