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The Gifts In Soap: Shea Butter & Mint Fragrance Natural Soap Bar

‘The Gifts In Soap’ (Shea Butter & Mint Fragrance) Natural Soap Bar, is a new Vertise Organics product that happens to be one of the only soap bars on the marketplace today that contains a natural ingredient that promotes liver health and blood purification. 

Question: How is it possible for a soap bar to benefit the blood stream and the liver in human beings?

Answer: Whenever any form of soap (or any other product) is used on our skin, the ingredients that soap and other products contains enters our pores during application to the skin. These ingredients (being Toxic or Healthy) plays a significant role when it comes to the functioning of our internal organs.

Here at Vertise Organics, it is our number one goal to only deliver to you all the best, quality, natural products that you and your family can benefit from, health wise. Our soap bars doesn’t contain any synthetic or toxic ingredients. We only use 100% Natural, Skin-Friendly colorants for a beautiful appearance, and pure essential oils for a wonderful fragrance.

On top of the numerous amount of health benefits that our soap bars offer, we went a step further by adding yet another key element to our soap bars. Each of our soap bars has a Bonus Gift that’s hidden inside of them that will be revealed to you the very moment that your soap bar wears down from usage! 


Promotes Liver Health

Promotes Blood Purification

Natural Skin Moisturizer 

Reduces Inflammation

Fights Against Dry Skin

Natural Skin-Friendly Colorants

100% Pure Essential Oil Fragrance

Bonus Gift Hidden Inside

With all of these amazing benefits that our soap bars provide it should be clear to see why we’ve named this exclusive product ‘The Gifts In Soap”. 

It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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All Natural Scented 6 Pack Wax Melts Are On Sale!

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Purchase any Natural Fragrance of our 6 Pack Soy Wax Melts for only $9.99! 

Unlike most commercial brands of Candles and Wax Melts that are found in your local stores that smell wonderful, but contains harmful chemicals for you and your family to inhale, often times resulting in you ending up with a headache, our ‘Melting Treasures Collection’ of 6 Pack Wax Melts are just the opposite.

Not only does each Fragrance of Soy Wax Melts that we have to offer smell great, they’re also packed with multiple, key ingredients that you can benefit from health wise as well. 

Try us out now and if you enjoy our Natural Fragrances recommend our Brand (Melting Treasures) to family and friends. More Natural Fragrances will be available soon, as well as Mist Spray for your home and Body Spray! 

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