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Cajun Crispy Vegan Chick’n Sandwich (The Vegan’s Choice)

Being a vegan doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy delicious, flavorful food. Especially since I’m prepping these amazing tasting vegan dishes and desserts for you now!

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The Vegan Shrimp & Mac Pact

Inside of a Vegan Buttery Quesadilla is where you’ll find a Pact that has been created between my Baked Vegan Mac & Cheese And My New, Crispy Vegan Popcorn Shrimp.

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Watch My Seed Grow!

With every journey that I set out on, I take the time to thoroughly study and analyze things before diving in head first. A few years ago, I honestly would have never guessed that i’d eventually become a vegan, although the tell tale signs were in front of me all along. Growing up as a kid, into my teenage years, then adulthood, I Never was one who was really big on consuming meat.

I mean, every now and then, I’d enjoy a burger, hotdog or cheesesteak sub, but even as a brotha, chicken was never agreeable with me. Maybe it’s because I was scarred at an early age of always biting into a wing or drumstick, only to discover the pink meat that awaited beneath the skin. It was either that or me watching various television programs that showed, uncensored and unfiltered Content , pertaining to the process that’s undergone before any meat products reaches our local grocery stores.

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Needless to say, as years went by, I gradually began to sway completely away from meat, or needed it to be thinly sliced in order for me to be able to eat it. So, one year, I seriously decided to try a different way of eating. It was around 2011 or 2012 when I did away with meat and became a vegetarian. This particular diet allowed me to still consume dairy products, along with other food items, but anything that contained meat wasn’t allowed.

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For those who love meat, unconditionally, eliminating it from a diet completely would be extremely hectic. For me, not so much. Fast forward to 7-8 years in as being a vegetarian. This is when the desire to go a step further began to dance around in my mind. If I had the discipline to stick to my vegetarian diet, going vegan wouldn’t be so bad. You see, with most things in life, it’s usually mind over matter. Once you seriously have it set in your mind to do something, and you have the inner will power to go along with that determination, nothing can stop you.

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I’ve experienced the benefits that comes along with being a vegan, which is how I can share my experiences with others. Outside of the pounds shedding off, your mental state of mind begins to gain clarity and your energy level increases drastically. It’s hard to accomplish these things when you’re constantly consuming processed or fattening food, desserts and drinks that are full of toxic ingredients (most which we can’t even pronounce). Sadly enough, this is exactly what these fast food spots prefer. You constantly eating their unhealthy food benefits their bottom line 💰 💰 💴. They could care less about diabetes or other health issues that arises from eating unhealthy.

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With (The Vegan’s Choice) I’m offering you the same foods that you enjoy on a day to day basis, in a healthier form. Diabetes, for one, is reversible. I’ve mentioned this before, but a person has to want to rid themselves of it by taking the necessary steps.

‘The Vegan’s Choice’ began with me planting the idea in my mind, then bringing it to fruition, and continuously nurturing and feeding my idea until it blossoms right before your very eyes. If you continue to follow me here on IG, you’ll witness this journey as well.

The B-4 Burger (The Vegan’s Choice)

Just added to The Vegan’s Choice (Maryland) Menu Of Low Calorie Dishes And Desserts, Comes this sizzling, fresh off of the grill, dairy-free, soy-free, Vegan Burger!

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One bite and you’ll quickly discover that there’s Nothing Impossible About this yummy burger.

Vegan Crab Balls (The Vegan’s Choice)

Introducing, Vegan Crab Balls. Courtesy of (The Vegan’s Choice: Jay’s Gourmet Vegan Dishes & Desserts).

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Fast Food Restaurants New Nightmare

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During the reign of countless, nameless fast food restaurants, a Vigilante will emerge. His presence isn’t to force you to jump ship and follow what he has to offer, but he’s here to reassure you that you now have a healthier alternative to choose.