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The Journey Of Becoming A Vegan

Last year, my Vegan Journey Began. After being a Vegetarian For Over 6 Years.

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Real Vegan Ish: Apparel Line

Last year, mid-summer (2018), is when I became a Vegan. Prior to that challenging transition, I spent the previous 6-7 years conquering my task of being a vegetarian.

I figured, if I could do away with eating meat as a vegetarian for almost a decade, turning things up a notch by ditching dairy products as well would be a piece of cake.

Admittedly, the first few weeks of becoming a vegan wasn’t necessarily a walk in the park. Tons of research would soon rise to the occasion to inform me of the items that I could actually use to replace the dairy ingredients that I oh so loved.

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After about 3 weeks had passed, I felt myself winning the challenge in the same manner that I experienced after my first month of becoming a vegetarian.

Fast forward to today. Not only do I have the Vegan way of Life in complete control in my personal life, I’m also on the verge of launching my website that will enable you to enjoy my Vegan Dishes and Desserts as well, or maybe even hire (The Vegan’s Choice) as your Personal Health Coach Or Personal Caterer.

However, as great as those things can be, that’s not all. To put the icing on the cake (dairy-free of course), I’ve decided to launch my very own line of Vegan Apparel as well (Real Vegan Ish), which will consist of graphic t-shirts, baseball caps, coffee mugs and much more!

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Why wait until my website is launched though? You can invest in my first released graphic T-Shirt now on my Etsy Shop, or contact me directly to order.

The Vegan’s Choice: Health Coach (Starter Program Package)

Regardless if you reside in the State Of Maryland or not, your ability to acquire my personal services as your Health Coach will literally only be a few taps of your keypad, away.

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What does hiring (The Vegan’s Choice) as your Personal Health Coach consist of and how is it possible to obtain from another state, or even a different country?

For the ‘ Starter Pack’ here’s what you can expect to receive:

Natural Health Refreshment Program:

(Starter Package)

*Free Initial Consultation (via phone) Clarity Call

*Plan In Motion Recommended

*5 Plant Based Meals (Offered)

*20% Off (The Vegan’s Choice Orders + Free Shipping)

*Unlimited 14 Day Private Communication Via DM, Texts, Email

(During Regular Business Hours)

*Conclusion Analysts Session

Along with any decent Health Coaching regime should have the idea attached that after getting an adequate amount of exercise, routinely, and eating properly, the body and mind should receive a decent amount of rest as well.

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The Launching Of My Vegan Website Is Drawing Nearer (The Vegan’s Choice)

In order to provide everyone with some of the Best tasting Vegan Dishes That you’ll ever experience, I’ve thoroughly researched different key elements to the craft that will enable my baking skill level to continue to excel. One thing that’s extremely important to me is that you receive top notch Vegan dishes and desserts that are low in calories, Dairy-Free and with low sugar counts.

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Speaking of sugar. If you ever decide to invest in any of my Vegan items once my website launches in a couple of weeks, you can rest assure that none of my Vegan Pastries Or Desserts will Contain any White Sugar (Refined).

Way too often, well known Brands continuously pitch the idea to you that their food items are low in carbs and sugar, but as soon as you read the label on the item you’ll discover something that’s entirely different.

Then, there are times when the truth is being told to you on the packaging labels, in plain sight, but in the form of big, hard to pronounce words that they use.

Well, with the launching of my Vegan website, soon, you’ll have a healthier alternative to turn to. It’s my goal, as the CEO and the Founder Of (The Vegan’s Choice) to provide delicious, dairy-free, soy-free, low calories, better quality products for you and your family to enjoy.

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Vegan Donuts Prep Stages (The Vegan’s Choice)

In effort to position myself to be able to provide you all with delicious Vegan Donuts that are not only tasty, but a healthier version compared to the traditional styled donuts that on the marketplace today, I’ve studied my craft extensively over the past year or so.

Being able to prepare any food item, properly, that pertains to baking is literally a form of art. When it comes to cakes, donuts, pretzels, cookies, etc. using the proper ingredients and the proper amount is extremely crucial.

The above image are my prep Stages after my Vegan Donuts Have Been formulated and proofed, twice. The next stages will be to fry/bake them and then the adding of filling and icing before enjoying the unbelievably savory taste that each of Vegan Donut Flavors has to offer.

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Losing Weight, The Healthy Way (The Vegan’s Choice)

When it comes to weight loss, some people resort to taking weight loss supplements and/or drinks, then there are some who turns to surgery in an effort to rid themselves of the unwanted pounds.

Before things escalates to the level of considering or even needing to have surgery, why not choose 2 Different options to shed the pounds (Eating Healthier and Exercising Regularly).

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Now, I’m quite aware that after seeing me post various images or videos pertaining to my Vegan Dishes and Pastries, some may wonder how eating my Vegan Cookies, Donuts, Cake, etc. can assist with weight loss.

The answer to that is simple. “It’s All In The Ingredients.” Every Item that (The Vegan’s Choice) will Provide are all low in calories, sugar, cholesterol, sodium and carbs; with an unbelievably delicious flavor.

However, as you may know, a regular workout routine is recommended as well. If you commit yourselves to these 2 things (eating healthier and exercise routinely) you should gradually begin to see the results.

Maryland’s Vegan Crab Cakes (The Vegan’s Choice)

In my State Of Maryland, when it comes to food, seafood ranks extremely high in the hearts of many. So, what I decided to do is take our beloved crab cakes and render it Vegan.

Everyone will have an opportunity to taste how good my Vegan Crab Cakes Are.

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Locally, Marylanders will be able to purchase these tasty beauties and receive them same day, pick-up or delivery. For those of you who aren’t located in Maryland, shipment will be required.