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Rose Infused Coconut Twist: Natural Scented Candle (8 oz.)

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*Annual Option:

To Automatically Have An 8 oz. Jar of My Amazing Candle Fragrances Shipped To You Once A Month For The Entire Year Of 2019, Simply Select The ‘Annual Candles’ Option From The Drop Down Menu. You Can Either Select To Have The Same Fragrance Shipped To You Monthly, Or I’ll Send You A Random Fragrance From My Collection.


1. One Jar Candle (Single Purchase)

2. Annual Warm Lavender Nights

(One Jar Of This Fragrance Will Be Shipped To You Every Month in 2019)

3. Annual Rose Infused Coconut Twist

(One Jar Of This Fragrance Will Be Shipped To You Every Month in 2019)

4. Annual Half & Half

(One Jar Of One Fragrance Will Be Shipped For The First 6 Months, The Other Fragrance Will Be Shipped For The Last 6 Months)

5. Annual Random Pick

(I’ll Select A Random Fragrance Candle To Ship Each Month In 2019)


(After The Candle Has Completely Melted, Instead of Throwing The Jar Away, Recycle It By Mailing It Back To Me To Have It Refilled And Receive A 10% Discount Code)


Enriched with conscientiously squeezed coconuts and other natural fragrances,

(Rose Infused Coconut Twist) is attentively formulated to present an amazing, calming aroma that will both, relax you, and simultaneously tantalize your nostrils.

Precisely prepared by (JJewelerDesign for his Vertise Organics Candle Collection) in the United States of America, this amazing, home-warming fragrance candle is filled to the brim of it’s sturdy, 8 oz. sized jar (lid included) to enable you to enjoy it’s redolence for several hours after it’s been lit.

Drizzled with freshly crushed roses from the garden to enhance it’s unbelievably remarkable aura,

(Rose Infused Coconut Twist: Scented Candle) will ultimately become one of your top favorite new fragrances.

As a Bonus, (Rose Infused Coconut Twist) contains 2 wick stems for you to light your candle, enabling the candle wax to burn more evenly and efficiently.

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Asha the Unicorn (3-D Handmade Charm) Genuine Leather Necklace

*Instantly Save $$$ By Purchasing 2 Of This Jewelry Item For Only $30!

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Making her debut onto the world’s scene, I present to you, “Asha the Unicorn” (3-D Handmade Charm) Genuine Leather Necklace.

‘Asha the Unicorn’ will make the perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of unicorns!

Dazzled with her display of various, radiant colors, Asha’s 3-D Charm measures at approximately 2 inches in length and in width. The Genuine Leather portion of Asha’s necklace is approximately 18 inches in length and this lovely, handcrafted jewelry item is designed by (JJewelerDesign) in the United States of America.

Purchase this item today as a surprise gift for any little girl, grown woman, or anyone who loves and supports unicorns.

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Store-It-A-Way: Portable Toiletries Storage

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Have you ever experienced a time when the roll of toilet paper was just about gone and you had to go all the way downstairs or in another room to get a new roll?

Well, with (Store-It-A-Way: Portable Toiletries Storage) you can have multiple rolls of toilet paper, and other toiletries on hand without having to leave the bathroom!

(Store-It-A-Way:Portable Toiletries Storage) is approximately 25 inches in length, 16 inches wide, and made with extra strong, durable nylon netting that can hold up to 30 lbs.

Having this handy, handcrafted home decor item in your possession can save you space and time, and it’s portably Designed for you to attach it to any room’s door, or bathroom’s door of your choice simply by sliding the top portion over your door’s frame!

Invest in this crafty item now as a gift for a family member or a friend and while you’re at it, grab one for yourself as well.

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The Bird’s Nest: Mid-Rise Cup Holder & Coasters Set

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(JJewelerDesign) has taken his crafting skills to an entirely new element by presenting to you this exclusive home decor item which is known as;

(The Bird’s Nest: Mid-Rise Cup Holder & Coasters Set).

(Mid-Rise Cup Holder):

Measured At approximately 2 inches tall and 4 inches in width, this lovely, handcrafted, bird’s nest resembling cup holder will come midway up the sides of any average-sized cup, giving extra support of preventing the cup from being knocked over easily.


These beautiful, round-shaped coasters are designed to go hand-in-hand with the matching cup holder, shielding your table or desk from the wetness that the bottom of a cup, Glass, or bottle contains.

Made in the United States of America, these handmade coasters are 2 inches wide from either angle and are made from natural cording. (More Colors Coming Soon)

Surprise a family member or a friend by gifting them with this stunning home decor set as a housewarming gift, a birthday present, or maybe even as a personal gift for yourself!

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Zuri by Jay: Genuine Leather Ring

*Note: Please Be Certain To Select Your Accurate Ring Size When Purchasing This Item. This Jewelry Item Is Not To Be Used As A Weapon, And It’s Highly Recommended That It’s Kept Out Of The Reach Of Children.

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Just released by (JJewelerDesign) I introduce to you, ‘Zuri’.

Zuri, is a beautiful, handcrafted, Genuine Leather ring that will fit securely on your ring finger (or any other finger) when you provide your accurate ring size.

With the Swahili meaning of being (beautiful) ‘Zuri’ is guaranteed to attract the attention of others whenever their eyes catches a glimpse of how this exclusive jewelry item is designed.

‘Zuri’, features a solid, silver spike ensemble that’s surrounded by 3 silver rivets (one on each side, and the other rivet secures the leather ring in place).

‘Zuri’ is not to be used as a weapon and due to the sharpness of the silver spike that’s mounted onto this leather ring, it is highly recommended to be kept out of the reach of children.

Order ‘Zuri’ today as a surprise gift for any woman for a special occasion, or maybe even as a birthday gift.

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‘The BDSM Life’ Genuine Leather or Suede (Handmade Enamel Charm) Necklace

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When wearing this lovely, handmade bdsm jewelry item, some may inquire about the meaning behind the 1 1/2 inch, enamel (BDSM Symbol) Charm.

As a Dominant, or even as a Submissive, you will already be in the position to explain to everyone the exact meaning behind this 18 inch, Genuine Leather (or Suede) ‘BDSM Life’ designer necklace that’s created by (JJewelerDesign) in the United States of America.

Featuring a black and white, bdsm symbol, enamel charm that has a dazzling sparkle and glossy finish, this beautiful necklace (for both men and women) is secured at both ends for closure by two, silver, magnetic clasps.

When purchasing this handcrafted jewelry item, you have the option to select between 100% Genuine Leather, or Suede as the texture of your necklace!

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