Real Vegan Ish: Apparel Line

Last year, mid-summer (2018), is when I became a Vegan. Prior to that challenging transition, I spent the previous 6-7 years conquering my task of being a vegetarian.

I figured, if I could do away with eating meat as a vegetarian for almost a decade, turning things up a notch by ditching dairy products as well would be a piece of cake.

Admittedly, the first few weeks of becoming a vegan wasn’t necessarily a walk in the park. Tons of research would soon rise to the occasion to inform me of the items that I could actually use to replace the dairy ingredients that I oh so loved.

Click Here To Purchase On Etsy

After about 3 weeks had passed, I felt myself winning the challenge in the same manner that I experienced after my first month of becoming a vegetarian.

Fast forward to today. Not only do I have the Vegan way of Life in complete control in my personal life, I’m also on the verge of launching my website that will enable you to enjoy my Vegan Dishes and Desserts as well, or maybe even hire (The Vegan’s Choice) as your Personal Health Coach Or Personal Caterer.

However, as great as those things can be, that’s not all. To put the icing on the cake (dairy-free of course), I’ve decided to launch my very own line of Vegan Apparel as well (Real Vegan Ish), which will consist of graphic t-shirts, baseball caps, coffee mugs and much more!

Click Here To Purchase On Etsy

Why wait until my website is launched though? You can invest in my first released graphic T-Shirt now on my Etsy Shop, or contact me directly to order.


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