Store-It-A-Way: Portable Toiletries Storage

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Have you ever experienced a time when the roll of toilet paper was just about gone and you had to go all the way downstairs or in another room to get a new roll?

Well, with (Store-It-A-Way: Portable Toiletries Storage) you can have multiple rolls of toilet paper, and other toiletries on hand without having to leave the bathroom!

(Store-It-A-Way:Portable Toiletries Storage) is approximately 25 inches in length, 16 inches wide, and made with extra strong, durable nylon netting that can hold up to 30 lbs.

Having this handy, handcrafted home decor item in your possession can save you space and time, and it’s portably Designed for you to attach it to any room’s door, or bathroom’s door of your choice simply by sliding the top portion over your door’s frame!

Invest in this crafty item now as a gift for a family member or a friend and while you’re at it, grab one for yourself as well.

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