She Claims To Know Me: Part 2 – An Explanation Was Needed

The annoyed tone in her voice was my cue to leave, but Tae (the young lady who I was helping out) interfered with my exit by introducing her frowned face friend to me as, Peaches.

It was apparent to me that Peaches had acquired her name in other ways because her entire demeanor when approaching me was anything other than being sweet. To elevate her rudeness, instead of extending her hand out to join mine in a mutual hand shake, Peaches stared me up and down as if I wasn’t worthy enough to be underneath the same roof as her.

Maybe Peaches was on to something though. Maybe I didn’t belong in a household with two half naked strangers, and regardless of how Tae felt about it, maybe I had already over stayed my welcome.

I could tell that Tae tried to ease the tension by formerly introducing me to her friend, but Peaches’ constant inquiries about the reasoning behind me being there had still gone unanswered.

If Peaches was directing that question to me she would have been shit out of luck receiving an answer and I honestly didn’t have a clue of how Tae was going to tackle that hot question either.

Subsequently, Tae was the only one who did know why I was there because in my defense, I was just helping Tae bring the groceries into the house not knowing that confrontation would be brewing as a result.

What I do know is every time that my body language signaled to Tae that I had to leave, Tae kept finding a way to get me to stick around longer regardless of Peaches’ displeasure.

Exacerbated at the fact that Tae was protecting my feelings way more than hers, Peaches aggressively jerked Tae by her left arm, urgently escorting her into the darkened living room area. Finally, my opportunity to flee away from the scene was more accessible now than it had been for the entire hour and a half that I had been inside of Tae’s home. The keys to my car never escaped from my grasp, so one sprint out of the front door was all that was needed.

It has been several other encounters prior to this one that I had been a participant of and the abhorrent choices that I’ve made in just about all of those circumstances has often times resulted in me cussing myself out about it afterwards. There has to be a slight psychological abstraction within my mental capacity that constantly causes me to take unnecessary risks that I honestly shouldn’t be taking. But, the thrill of living on the edge, joining in on certain forbidden activities that can quite frankly land me in hot water seems to give me an indescribable rush.

In this case, maybe it was the mental imagery rerunning itself in my mind of me just standing right in between two well-portioned young women who didn’t seem to have a care in the world that I was there to witness them both in their bras and panties. Or, maybe it was the high pitched cry of Tae’s voice echoing from a room’s distance that had me frozen in place where I stood, as she finally shared with Peaches the innocence of our encounter at the grocery store.

Ironically enough, instead of dashing freely through the unguarded front door like I should have, I found myself walking in the opposite direction toward the living room where Peaches apparently was distinctively spanking Tae’s naked ass.