She Claims To Know Me: The Grocery Store

While standing in line at the local grocery store with only 2 people ahead of me, she just so happened to find her way behind me in line. Of course, at this particular moment “she” was the only name that I could attach to her because to the best of my knowledge I had never met her before a day in my life; even though she suggested that I looked very familiar to her. This is where I should have ended things way before it had a chance to begin, but quite naturally I didn’t and by me not doing so it enables me to share this story.

The two people that were in line ahead of me eventually paid for their items and left the store, but the young lady who was still in line behind me continued on with her conversation feeling the need to give me pointers on what I should add to my lasagna to make it taste even better. True, I had all of the ingredients on the belt that one would need in order to make a lasagna, but an Italian dish wasn’t the meal of my choice on that particular day.

Nevertheless, my food items were bagged and paid for so I politely exited the conversation with the vocal young lady by making her aware that I hoped that she would enjoy the remainder of her day.

In response to my politeness, she wanted to know if I lived in the neighborhood and if so would she be able to hitch a ride with me to prevent her from having to wait on her Uber driver to show up.

Not seeing any harm in giving her a lift, I began to assist her with placing her groceries in the trunk of my car before escorting her to her destination. The ride from the grocery store to her house was a reasonable short journey; a mere 15-20 minute drive to be exact. A lot was covered within those brief 20 minutes though. She had an opportunity to learn more about me, and my observance of the details within her dialogue revealed things to me about her that I would have never guessed on my own.

Seeing as though she only had 4 or 5 light bags of groceries to carry I assumed that she could manage on her own now that I was parked directly in front of her residence. However, I somehow had forgotten all about the 2 cases of water that she purchased in which she asked if I could bring them into the house for her.

Agreeing to her request yet again, but simultaneously making her aware that I needed to hurry home myself, I reluctantly entered her spacious townhouse and carefully stored her cases of water next to the refrigerator as she suggested. As a sign of gratitude toward me because of me being such a gentleman to her she offered me a cold drink straight from the fridge.

As I turned to make a selection from the two options that she had just given me, another young lady assertively made her presence known by storming into the kitchen frustratingly asking who am I.

To Be Continued . . .